Why Are We Supporting Trial Patients?
Darby's participation in Dr. Emens' breast cancer vaccine trial forever changed her perspective on medicine, convincing her of the importance of scientific research in the war on cancer.  The result is Darby's passion for supporting patients who, like her, have chosen experimental treatment for their disease.  

The truth is that Darby's participation in this trial will likely not benefit her at all.  She chose to participate in the trial hoping that her daughter will never face the same disease that both Darby and her mother have faced.  

Darby will use her foundation to promote scientific discovery and help facilitate access to experimental treatment for patients who otherwise could not afford it. The ability of our scientists to develop cutting edge clinical treatments will stagnate unless they can recruit and retain study patients, a process called accrual.  Only then can our medical community put into practice the promising results of research such as Dr. Emens' vaccine work.

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Darby with her mom, Pam Bissett and daughter Audrey, November 2007
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"We can't improve survival unless we test new treatments".                             Scott Ramsey, M.D.
"Every successful cancer treatment used today started as a clinical trial."