Driving Miss Darby Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 271077
Tampa, FL 33688

The mission of the Driving Miss Darby Foundation is to support breast cancer research and patients enrolled in breast cancer clinical trials. 

We focus our efforts in three areas:

Awareness:   Educate the public on clinical trials and their contribution to medical treatment.
Accrual:        Support recruitment and retention of patients in clinical trial research for breast cancer.
Assistance:    Provide financial support and outreach to patients participating in clinical trials for breast cancer.
The Driving Miss Darby Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit public charity pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code.  Your contributions, or portions thereof, may be tax deductible.  Please see your tax advisor for further advice and confirmation of deductibility.

The Driving Miss Darby Foundation does not issue medical advice, nor does it guarantee the success of any treatment in any facility.  Please seek medical advice from a licensed physician.
What Do We Offer?
Funding is available in the form of reimbursement for expenses incurred as part of participation in clinical trial research.

The ability to distribute funds is based in part on the availability of Foundation funds and the number of applicants in a given time period.
What Are The Criteria?
To be eligible for funding, a patient must be actively participating in a breast cancer clinical research trial at a state licensed, medical facility and must have incurred expenses related to that trial participation.

The patient must complete and submit all appropriate paperwork to the Foundation via certified mail. To request an application, please click here.
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